Brigitte Mueller



A Complete Book of REIKI HEALING
REIKI Heile Dich selbst
It is a complete book about REIKI and includes the history and practice of Reiki, with photographs and drawings as well as clear instructions for placement of hands giving REIKI.

Brigitte Müller was the first REIKI Master in Europe, and she writes about her opening into a new world of healing with the freshness of discovery.

Horst Günther experienced REIKI at one of Brigitte’s first workshops in Germany, and it changed the course of his life.

They share a vision of REIKI and the use of Universal Life Energy to help us all heal ourselves and our world. In reading this book you give yourself the gift of allowing universal life energy to flow through you, as healer.

Table of Contents
  • What is REIKI?
  • The History of REIKI’s Usui System
  • In Memory of Mrs. Hawayo Takata
  • How to Become a REIKI Channel
  • Becoming a REIKI Master
  • Suggestions for REIKI Practitioners
  • Self-Healing with REIKI with Illustrations
  • Anatomic Illustrations (Human, Dog, Cat and Horse)
  • Recommendation for REIKI Treatments
  • Special Perceptions and Reactions during REIKI Treatments
  • REIKI Treatment Illustrations
  • First Aid with REIKI
  • Short REIKI Treatments
  • Harmonizing the Chakras with REIKI
  • Group REIKI Treatments
  • REIKI Treatments for Expectant Mothers and Babies
  • REIKI for the Dying
  • Treating Animals with REIKI with Illustrations
  • REIKI Treatment of Plants, Minerals and Objects
  • Using REIKI for Food and Drink
  • Distant REIKI Treatments of the 2nd Degree
  • The Universal Rule of Giving and Receiving
  • REIKI Positions for Enhancing Health, (in case of ailments from A - Z)
  • Reiki Supports all other forms of Therapy and alternative methods of healing
  • Kirlian Photography and Reiki
  • My Path with REIKI by Brigitte Müller
  • My Path with REIKI by Horst H. Günther

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